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Hangzhou Yongsheng Catalyst Co., Ltd.
Address: Lin'an Economic Development Zone, Lin'an, Zhejiang, China
(6#, Nanhuai Rd.North, Qingshanhu St., Lin'an city, Zhejiang prov.,China.)
General manager: Mr. Zhu Yonglin
Cell: +86-13906816036
Vice General manager: Mr. Zhu Zhuoyin Cell: +86-13868035918
Tel: +86-571-63724149, 61062766
Fax:+86-571-63724149, 63819266
Postal code: 311305


Hangzhou Yongsheng Catalyst Co., Ltd. is a private-owned bentonite products developer and manufacturerHangzhou Yongsheng Catalyst Co., Ltd.. The forerunner of the company is Lin'an Bentonite Chemical Factory.

Yongsheng Catalyst is located in Lin'an Economic Development Zone, 20KM west of Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang. Basic facts about the company: fixed assets, >RMB13.60 million; Total area, 47,000 square meters; total employees, 256 (including 36 technicians). The company became registered to ISO9002:2000 norm in 2001. We are "first class supplier" and "good Supplier" of Zhenhai refinery, and our high efficient granular white earth and T type high efficient active white earth were approved as "good products" of Zhejiang province.

Main products: NC-01, NC-02, YC-01, SC-01 high performance granular white earth and T high performance activated white earth (earliest developer and manufacturer in China) , under brand Tianmushan . Annual outputs: 15,000T/A of high performance granular white earth and 18,000T/A of high performance activated white earth. We start to build new factory in 2008, which will increase 12,000 tons high performance granular white earth every year. Other products include: defoamer for delayed coking, scale deposition inhibitor, corrosion retardant.

NC-01, NC-02, YC-01 and SC-01 high performance granular white earth were Hangzhou Yongsheng Catalyst Co., Ltd.co-developed by Catalyst Research Institute of Shanghai Petrochemical Corp., Shanghai Bao Steel and Yongsheng Catalyst to compete with Tonsil during the period of 1986 to 1990. The catalyst family is widely used for olefin removal in BTX process and in refining of fuels. Particularly, it exhibits better results in BTX refining over foreign counterparts. In March, 2002, we developed YC-01 high performed white earth for the denitrification refining of benzene, moreover, we developed the substitute of FILTROL in 2001, which has been using in Shanghai Petrochemical Corp., since then.


High performance activated white earth is mainly intended for purification and decoloration of fuels. The product has been used by major oil refineries in China for more than 30 years.

With the development of bio-diesel industry, our high performance granular white earth products are also being used in bio-diesel and lubricants.

Hangzhou Yongsheng Catalyst Co., Ltd.

The purpose of Yongsheng Catalyst is to offer high quality catalysts needed by petrochemical manufacturers in China. Yongsheng Catalyst appreciate your interest in its catalyst families and looks forward to cooperation with you.

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